18-20 July 2018
Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel, Singapore
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Multi Stream Conference

Stream One: Masterplanning, Placemaking and Space Activation

This stream will discuss the value of placemaking in a mixed-use that need to be brought together to create commercially successful projects. It will cover new architectural and planning elements that help to develop diversified and vibrant destinations for long-term existence and sustainability of the project. We will discuss the difference between traditional and new generation of masterplanning that has changed the way mixed-use projects have been developed. We will also cover the innovative mix of uses, their physical relationship and their affect on people’s life. We will also discuss the impact of target anchor development such as tourism anchored, sports anchored, etc.  

Stream Tw Development, Delivery and Commercialisation

This stream will cover the funding model as well as tenure and ownership structure to deliver the mixed-use projects. Further we will discuss the challenges of development during different phases of construction. We will focus on commercialisation that drives profitability and ROI. Also we will cover how to make the existing mix use projects commercially viable by adding the innovative elements and regenerate it to earn the lost value. We will explore new strategies to attract the right tenants and establish versatile retail and commercial environment to secure and retain customers.    

3rd Day Mobility-Oriented Development - Enhancing the Value of Mobility in Urbanisation

Mobility Oriented Development is an evolution of transit related development which provides more choices that connects and improves all parts of people’s lives. It shifts the emphasis from single minded rail and bus mobility to providing citizens with a full range of mobility which includes walking, cycling, and ridesharing and on demand mobility such as Mobility as a Service (Maas). Mobility Oriented Development connects people’s lives by designing a place that provides an efficient commute and easy access to places to live, work, play, relax, shop, eat etc. We will cover sessions on pedestrain-friendly and walkable neighbourhoods, bike friendly and trail oriented development as well as transit oriented development. We will also cover sessions on reducing carbon footprint by taking a mobility oriented development approach.

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